The café by the lake – luxury Alpine experience No. 1

The hiking bus takes you from Bad Kleinkirchheim to Dörbiach. Get in the mood for your first stage with a hot cup of coffee at Lake Milstättersee and let the natural surroundings of the Nockberge Mountains work their magic. Would you prefer something sparkling? We can gladly offer you a glass of Prosecco to start your exclusive luxury Alpine experience.

After some brief tour information, you can either head along the original route on your own or take the hiking bus to St. Peter. The group continues together along the Kneipp and mill trial into the Langalm valley accompanied by a National Park ranger. You can also learn lots of interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Nockberge Mountains Biosphere Reserve.

The stage from Döbriach to Erlacherhaus

The stage starts in Döbriach. In Sagamundo, the House of Storytelling, experience the multimedia legends and myths surrounding the Mirnock giants. From there, you hike to the town of Radenthein, the entrance to the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. Do not miss the Granatium here in Radenthein. Try searching for the “fire stone of love”, as the ruby-red garnet is also known.

From the Granatium, the hiking trail leads northwards towards Kaning. The Kneipp and mill trail leading into the Langalm valley starts at the Türkhaus. Going past herb and flower gardens, and the Mini and Neuwirt mills, you reach the bakery. The path takes you past different mills to Veidl mill and up to the Felsendusche. Continue past the Bärenwand, a climbing wall, to the Adam mill. The path takes you back along the other side of the stream. If you choose the path from the Adam mill into the Langalm valley, you will go past the Aichholzer and the Petodnig huts and through a sparse larch forest to Erlacherhaus.